Catena Creations anniversary: Two wonderful years

Thanks to author Anne Rice on Facebook, I found a great quote in a great column by Gail Collins of The New York Times. Her column is about the 90-year anniversary this month of women getting the right to vote.

She points out in the column that behind the suffrage celebration was “a 70-year slog” of people taking risks, rallying support, changing minds. And getting the last final vote from a 24-year-old Representative who decided that he had to obey his mama and change his vote. (Really.)

As I write this blog entry today, Aug. 21, I celebrate the second anniversary of the day I decided to start my own business. Because of that, I especially appreciate this wonderful quote from Ms. Collins’ column:

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Interiors by Patti Adams redecorates its Web site

Interior designers work with color swatches, wallpaper samples and rearranged layouts every day. It was no different when Catena Creations redecorated and redesigned the Web site for Interiors by Patti Adams/Traditions Home Furnishings. Owner Patti Adams had several specific requests:

  • Update the site in shades of brown, green and blue.
  • Expand the photo galleries to show off her work, and add more photos to the galleries.
  • Add links to her main vendor partners and their offerings.
  • Include an “About Us” page with her bio.

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