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Gage Team becomes Badged Google Partner

The Gage Team is a Google Partner

The Gage Team, my partner in database-driven websites and all things Google, has completed the steps to become a certified Google Partner.

Owner Matt Gage announced on the company’s Facebook page April 11:

“We now can officially fly our Google flag — or badge,  that is. As of today, the Gage Team Inc. has completed its last requirements to be a Badged Google Partner. Now not only have members of our marketing teams become certified by Google in platforms like Adwords and display advertising, but our group has demonstrated we have the skills and use the best practices to move up from a program participant to be able to display the partner badge.”

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What I learned from my 1-month break from Facebook

Sometimes you don’t know how important something is in your life, or how well it works for your business, until you take it out for a while. I did that in May 2015 when I took a month-long break from Facebook.

I’d been wanting to try this for a long time. A couple of topic-based pages I follow had so many posts (15 or more per day!) that I was getting overwhelmed. Especially by the celebrity who links only to those annoying sites where it takes 7 pages to get through 15 photos.  And there’s all the posts you see from Facebook that tell you someone Liked or commented on a post, but you can only Share the post. I really don’t see the point in this.

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Catena Creations announces new partnership

Catena Creations announces a new partnership with The Gage Team to expand its services in the Omaha, NE area. With this partnership, Catena Creations is now able to offer design and building of database-driven websites.

Catena Creations is based in Bellevue, NE and serves the Omaha-Lincoln metro area. Its services include website design, graphic design, writing and photography, as well as proposal and grant writing. The Gage Team, located in Sioux Falls, SD,  offers website development, database integration, search engine optimization, online marketing and web hosting. The firm also is an active participant in Google Partner community.

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