Theresa Cassiday, freelancer

Copy writing & editing in Omaha, Nebraska and the U.S.


Facing Cancer Together

Dr. David and JoAnn Bouda had been teaching their Facing Cancer Together class for several years when they hired me to collect their various presentations and materials, then combine them into a new book. They wanted a logo, a consistent graphic look, and a binder presentation format so participants could add items as needed.

We created the book, chapter by chapter, from PowerPoints, notes, and David’s published cancer research papers. My target persona for this project was the mother of a 9-year-old daughter who had just been diagnosed with cancer. I simplified everything so the information could be understood even through her fear and grief.

In addition to writing and editing the text, I also:

  • Selected fonts and colors to create a new graphic look and style guide to be used for the book’s branding.
  • Designed multiple graphics in the book.
  • Took photos of Sabrina, the couple’s dog, for the “Sabrina Says” at the end of each chapter.
  • Designed business cards and notepads.

The Boudas chose the colors and graphics for the binder cover.