• Search engine optimization

    Responsive website design

    We’ll build your responsive website in WordPress and fill it with high-quality writing, photos, graphics and videos. All sites include an SEO package to enhance your search engine listings. We can maintain your site after it's launched, too.

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  • E-commerce, shopping carts

    Database-driven websites

    We partner with The Gage Team to build database-driven websites for e-commerce and complex business functions.

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  • Does your company need one?

    Marketing makeovers

    We’ll review and update your website, social media, print materials and SEO to redefine your marketing message and enhance your corporate branding.

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  • For print and web

    Graphic design

    We can design it all for your print and web publications: logos, flyers, brochures, business cards, letterhead, invitations, postcards and more.

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  • For print and the Web

    Copy writing

    Clear, precise, customized writing for websites, press releases, newsletter articles, blogging and more.

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  • Capturing the moment

    Photography and video

    Our specialties include candid event photos, illustrations and sports photography.

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    Let's get started!

    Give us a call or send us an e-mail. We're ready to start working on your new look!

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Website design and marketing
that connects you to success

Catena Creations is a website design and graphic design firm in Bellevue, Nebraska. We serve clients in the Omaha metro area, as well as Lincoln, Sioux Falls and throughout the U.S.

We do more than just build websites. We incorporate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques into every step. We design graphics, write copy, take photos, shoot video and connect to your social media.

After it’s launched, we can maintain your website and social media to ensure your online presence stays up-to-date.

Catena means “a series of things that are connected.” Our passion is making sure that everything we create integrates with your marketing strategy and consistently promotes your brand. We do this with our four-step strategy for your success:

  • Plan: Ask questions and gather information.
  • Create: Design the materials.
  • Present: Post, print and publish.
  • Connect: Link everything together to tell the whole story.

Does your company’s marketing need a makeover? Contact us today to set up an appointment.

The Gage Team

Catena Creations expands to offer
database-driven websites, Google Tools

Catena Creations now offers enhanced website design services to include database-driven websites.

We work in partnership with The Gage Team to integrate your database with a secure, customized website that allows you to automate complex business functions such as e-commerce and shopping carts. Your customers, staff and vendors can access these sites from their PCs, laptops, tablets and phones, eliminating paperwork and enhancing your workflow.

We also can set up Google Tools for your business. The Gage Team is an active participant in the Google Partner community. We’ll work with you to determine the best Google Apps, AdWords and other tools to incorporate into your business.