Bellevue Applebee’s displays 3 Catena Creations photos

Applebee’s restaurant in Bellevue has chosen three sports photos by Catena Creations to be displayed as part of the restaurant’s remodeling this spring.

Marion Griffin, an interior designer at Artworkstudio in Mission, KS, supervised the remodeling. She found my sports photos on my SmugMug photo gallery, and contacted me in February 2013 to obtain permission to use them. I gave her permission, and sent some suggegstions for additional photos to consider.

Three of those photos were selected. Two are hanging on the “Our Teams” wall at the back of the restaurant. One of those is from a Bellevue East-Papillion High School game, and the other is from a Bellevue East-Benson High School JV game in 2011. It shows my son, Jeremy Cassiday scoring a touchdown after an interception and 35-yard runback. (Hey, what kind of mom would I be if I didn’t try to get my son’s photo up there?)

A third photo of the Bellevue East High School cheerleaders hangs over the servers’ station in the back.  All of my photos have my name and company name on them.

I stopped by on June 5 to take photos of my photos. While I was there, the manager told me that Applebee’s remodels every seven years, so the pictures will stay up that long.

I am thrilled and honored that Applebee’s chose three of my photos to display in their restaurant. Thanks to Marion Griffin for making this happen! It made all the football games and photo editing worthwhile.