Photos: Missouri River flooding at Haworth Park

Haworth Park flooding

Haworth Park flooding

Last week my son and I drove down to Haworth Park in Bellevue to check out the Missouri River flooding. It was overwhelming and sad.

Photos from our trip across the river are on my SmugMug gallery.

The saddest part of the Haworth Park damage is that the city of Bellevue did extensive repairs to the park after last year’s flooding. Electricity connections had been replaced, everything was cleaned up, and the city was looking forward to celebrating Riverfest again in July.

Now Riverfest has been moved to the Bellevue University campus, and the show will go on.

I moved to Bellevue 12 years ago and live in Olde Towne. Over the years, people have asked me if I worry about the Missouri River flooding. I’ve always replied that if the water gets up to my house, we’ll need to start building an ark.

This summer, “Evan Almighty” doesn’t seem so farfetched!!