Polishing up a software website

Sometimes, the cleaning service manager needs to call in a cleaning service. In the case of MaidEasy Software, the company’s WordPress website needed some polish and shine.

MaidEasy SoftwareCatena Creations had the pleasure of redesigning the MaidEasy Software website this fall. The redesign launched the first week of December 2018.

Owner John Schwery has been working with my partner, Annastasia Webster of Webster Digital Marketing, on search engine optimization and website management. Stasia referred him to me to update the site and make it more visually appealing and modern.

John and his wife, Brenda, used to own a Merry Maids franchise in Lincoln. A few years after they sold the franchise, some of their previous customers asked them to come back to the cleaning business. When they started Maid to Please, Brenda started looking for software to help her manage the business. She couldn’t find anything that was industry-specific. So MaidEasy Software was born.

As Catena Creations addressed John’s concerns about the look of the site, we also discovered a need to rewrite the copy to change the focus.

When Catena Creations designs a website, we talk to the client about who is most likely to use the site. From that information, we create a “persona” that represents each type of  typical customer for the business. Then we design and write to meet the needs of those personas.

For MaidEasy Software, we created one persona. The typical website visitor, according to John, is someone who’s started a cleaning service, and their business has grown. It’s now at the point where they need to find software to help them manage clients and employees. This person is likely a bit tired and harried, and needs to test something right away. They also need help installing and learning the software so they can use it right away to relieve some of their management burden.

Once we developed this persona, we had a much clearer focus on how to revamp the website:

  • We put as much information as possible on the home page, making it easy for business owners to easily navigate to the details they needed before making a decision to start a trial offer.
  • We rewrote all the text on the site to change the focus from software features and benefits, to how the software will benefit the business owner and make their lives better.
  • We created one comparison chart on the Pricing page so shoppers could compare all features and pricing plans on one screen, and wouldn’t have to click back and forth between several screens.

John added a pricing special for first-time users to generate more leads for free trials of the software. We completed the redesign by adding more photos, updating graphics and adding a page for Support, so customers would know who to call when they had questions, and could easily access the company’s video library.

It was a pleasure to work with John and his staff on this redesign.  I enjoyed learning about their businesses and their software, as well as their charity, Aiding Angels. This organization provides cleaning services to cancer patients while they’re going through chemotherapy.

Does your website need a cleaning service? Could your marketing use some polish and shine? Give us a call at 402-541-5005 to get started.