Copywriting for print and web

The words that are written to communicate your message must be clear and precise. They convey information and emotion to motivate your customers to make a purchase or donation.

Catena Creations’ copywriting for print and the web can adapt your message to a variety of audiences and styles. These include:

Content marketing and organic SEO

Catena Creations is a top content marketing agency on UpCity.Blogging is one of the most popular forms of communication on the web today. If done thoughtfully and correctly, it can enhance your corporate image and add value to your customer service. It can also keep your website updated and enhance your search engine optimization.

Catena Creations can help you decide if blogging is right for your firm, or if other methods of content marketing  — such as adding other content or installing social media feeds — would be better. We’ll guide you through the decision-making process to determine:

  • Goals for your blog.
  • Software/site to be used.
  • Who will write the entries.
  • How often the blog will be updated.
  • Whether comments will be allowed, and if they will be reviewed before they are published.
  • Whether your blog will be linked to other blogs.
  • How you’ll promote your blog.


You have great writers on staff. But sometimes you just need another set of eyes to look over important projects. Catena Creations can proofread and edit your print and web text to add the final polish before they’re published.

Copywriting for the web

Copywriting for the web is different from writing for print publications. Web surfers tend to scan text, quickly looking to find exactly what they need. Catena Creations can write and/or repurpose your content to make it user-friendly both in print and on the web.

In-depth articles

Take a look at some of the feature stories we’ve written over the years.

Newlywed grandparents are young at heart

A column I wrote about my grandparents for the Fremont Tribune.

Art therapy: Hands-on work bridges gaps in communication, troubles

These articles on art therapy and Reinhold Marxhausen were written for the Nebraska Arts Council’s newsletter.

KA-BOOM! Evelyn Rosenberg blasts her way into state capital

This artist profile was written for the Nebraska Arts  Council’s newsletter.

Finders, keepers: The joy of having something to show off

A story about collections and their collectors. Written for Wichita Falls (Texas) City Magazine.

Pastor's pizza is a slice of heaven

This food column for the Fremont Tribune features Pastor Bill Howell’s famous pizza.

Valentine, I'm in the food for love

A Valentine’s Day food column I wrote for the Bellevue Leader

Jack Sutton's enchiladas

Fremont City Administrator Jack Sutton also was a great chef. He shared his recipe for enchiladas with me for my recipe column in the Fremont Tribune.