Frequently asked questions

What makes Catena Creations different? Why should we select you?

Theresa Cassiday, president and owner of Catena Creations, has a unique combination of skills and expertise that allow her to develop a website from beginning to end. As she tells people: “There are hundreds of people in the Omaha area who can design a pretty website. There are about 50 people who can fill it with decent content. There are two or three of us who can design the website, fill it with content, and make sure it works with your marketing strategy and strengthens your branding. I’m one of those three people.”

How much does a website cost?

This is usually the first question people ask, and it’s the hardest one to answer. The cost of a website depends on many factors, including:

  • How many pages the website needs to have.
  • What functions it needs to carry out.
  • What steps are needed for search engine optimization.
  • Whether the site is being built from scratch or redesigned.
  • What content is available for adding to the site and what needs to be created.

Catena Creations will meet with you to determine the needs for your new website. Then we’ll prepare a detailed proposal that outlines the steps we’ll take to create the site, and explains the costs.

Why do you build search engine optimization into your websites?

The prettiest website in the world has no value if it can’t be found by search engines and customers. That’s why we build search engine optimization into the website each step of the way, following best practices and industry standards. This does add some time and expense to your website design process. However, we’ve learned during our years in business that this saves money in the long run. Companies that can’t be found by customers looking online miss out on thousands of dollars in lost business. And if we have to optimize an unoptimized website, we frequently have to start over with the redesign process.

Which is better: stock photos or actual photos of our office?

Catena Creations recommends you use actual photos of your office and employees rather than stock photography on your website. Using actual photographs lets customers see your business, which makes a better first impression and enhances your credibility. And you don’t run the risk of using a photo that has appeared in numerous other places.

Clients can take their own photos for their website, or Catena Creations can shoot photos and video for you.

How long does it take to build a website?

That depends on the size of the website and the functions that need to be included. It also depends on the resources you have to put into it, such as text, photos and other graphics. The availability of you and your staff to provide materials, answer questions and make approvals also plays a role in the timeline.

Why do you build websites with WordPress?

The WordPress content management system (CMS) is one of the most popular in the world. The software is free and is constantly updated to add features and enhance security. It offers thousands of mini-programs called plug-ins that allow us to easily customize a website and add functions. Updating pages is every easy — like updating a Word document. Search engine optimization steps are built into the system.

Why do you use templates for building your WordPress websites?

Using pre-programmed WordPress templates makes website design faster and less expensive. We can create a custom design for your WordPress website, but that can add $2,000 or more and 20 hours of work to your website. Starting with a template saves time and money, and also ensures that the separate parts all work together correctly.

When we select a template for a website, we choose one based on design considerations and the functions needed to present your site. We can then customize the look – the fonts, colors, design elements – and functions of a template to suit your needs.

Can you train us to manage our website once it's finished?

Yes! Catena Creations includes training in all our website proposals. This training includes instruction on how to update and add pages and posts, how to add links, how to insert artwork, and how to do basic maintenance. We can add more technically detailed steps if requested. Training is done in person whenever possible. We also prepare a step-by-step guide with screen shots of steps so you can keep it as a reference.

We don't have the time/expertise to manage our website. Can you do that for us?

Yes. Catena Creations can create a website management plan to fit your needs and budget. For some clients, we just check the site once a month to install updates. For others, we write blog posts, create content, and manage search engine optimization plans.