Marketing management for your business

Catena Creations is a Top Marketing Consultant on UpCity.Marketing is vital for a growing business. As your business succeeds and expands, you see the need for a Director of Marketing to manage everything, but may not be ready to add a full-time person to your staff.

Catena Creations can manage your marketing for you as your business grows. We’ll review your marketing strategy, then manage the pieces to make sure everything works together. This can include:

  • Creating print materials such as flyers, posters and business cards.
  • Managing your website.
  • Supervising vendors.
  • Creating events and newsletters in Constant Contact or Mailchimp.
  • Blogging and writing content.
  • Overseeing campaigns for content marketing,  search engine optimization or Google AdWords.
  • Ensuring company messages and branding are cohesive and consistent.
  • Managing public relations and media relations.

Catena Creations is a top PR Agency on UpCity.Catena Creations will meet with you to evaluate your needs. We will create a plan for a retainer agreement that sets the number of hours we’ll work each month and the tasks to be accomplished. By committing to a retainer agreement for marketing management, you’ll receive a reduced hourly rate and a guarantee that we’ll be available to work those hours for you.

Call us at 402-541-5005 or send us an email to find out more.