Website maintenance

Does your company or organization have a website that’s languishing? Or no one has the skills or time to maintain it?Let Catena Creations do the work for you. Once we determine your needs, we’ll suggest a schedule and procedure for updates that will keep your website current.

We’ll also negotiate a service fee that takes into consideration the state of your current site, how often updates will be needed, and the budget available for maintaining the site.

Organic SEO

It’s important to keep adding new content to your website on a regular basis for search engine optimization and successful ranking on search engine listings. Many companies choose to blog, while others prefer to write enhanced content about their products and services. Others add feeds of their social media posts and customer reviews.

Catena Creations can create a strategy for organic SEO that fits your business and your goals. We can:

  • Write blog posts on a regular schedule (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly.)
  • Write enhanced content to explain your goods and services.
  • Write posts for social media, adding links to new content.
  • Monitor Google My Business to ensure traffic goals are being met, and we respond to reviews.

If you want to advertise through Google AdWords, we’ll bring in a partner to design and manage the campaign. Catena Creations will with them to add landing pages and other content to make the ad campaign as effective as possible.

Call us at 402-541-5005 orĀ send us an e-mail to get started.