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Happy Holidays from Catena Creations

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year from Catena Creations LLC. We appreciate everything you’ve done to help make this another successful year for us.

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Halloween candy buy back to send treats to the troops

If you and your kids get overwhelmed with candy on Halloween, here’s a great trick: take your treats to Omaha Emergency Dental the day after Halloween.

Michael Obeng, DDS, is buying back prepackaged, unopened candy for $1 per pound, up to 5 pounds per person. Kids will also receive a toothbrush in exchange for their candy.

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Catena Creations anniversary: Two wonderful years

Thanks to author Anne Rice on Facebook, I found a great quote in a great column by Gail Collins of The New York Times. Her column is about the 90-year anniversary this month of women getting the right to vote.

She points out in the column that behind the suffrage celebration was “a 70-year slog” of people taking risks, rallying support, changing minds. And getting the last final vote from a 24-year-old Representative who decided that he had to obey his mama and change his vote. (Really.)

As I write this blog entry today, Aug. 21, I celebrate the second anniversary of the day I decided to start my own business. Because of that, I especially appreciate this wonderful quote from Ms. Collins’ column:

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A new office with an ocean view

We have finally completed our basement makeover, and Catena Creations has a new office to show for it.

The color scheme was based on the photo mural we hung up in April. Three shades of turquoise/blue were used on the walls, stairs and trim. Beige carpet became the “sand” for our beach. Seven samples of my photography from our Bahamas trip add color to the walls.

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Photo mural: Always a day at the beach

Thanks to a great suggestion from a client, every day will be a day at the beach in my office.

My office with a beach view
My office with a beach view

During a meeting with Patti Adams, owner of Interiors by Patti Adams/Traditions Home Furnishings, I was telling her of my plans to decorate my basement. We’d already insulated the walls, thanks to the team at USA Insulation in Omaha. But now we needed to paint and change the decor.

The challenge was to find something that would provide a great working atmosphere for me, since my office is located in my basement, and yet be teen-friendly enough for my son and his friends to hang out and play games. Patti suggested doing a photo mural. Being a photographer, I thought that was a great idea!

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